You now have the power tools to navigate your life. So, what is the secret to your best life? You have to answer two questions. Where am I going and who is going with me?

The best lives have a real mission and purpose. How do you find yours? Simple, use what you love to do and use it to help others. Do this for one hour a day for five years and you will be a national expert.

Who is going with me? Real marriages have a common dream written down and agreed to by both. Each has the power to veto it.


There are five “BLUE ZONES” in the world where people live into their nineties and beyond with little or no disease.  One of them is Loma Linda, California.

Take a brisk hour walk every day.  It is great for your body and better for your brain.


WE ARE ONLY AS SICK AS OUR SECRETS.  Our brain keeps secrets from us to protect us.  This causes mental and physical problems.  You can get around this natural defense by writing about the things and people that have hurt you.  

Write down the bad things that happened to you and how they honestly made you feel.  End each thing with how you now look at it.  You must use things like, I now understand, I now realize, I now appreciate, or I now know.  Your brain then rewires itself, sets you free and you better.  Destroy what you write and never tell anyone.  


Movie – The Game Changers – Netflix

Book – They Can’t Find Any Thing Wrong – Dr. David D. Clarke, MD

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